Private Equity Consultants

Specialists in Due Diligence, Strategies for Growth

At The Lucas Group we’ve created a fresh new service, offering our clients an unparalleled level of quality and a value proposition that is in a class of its own. We are setting a new standard – in an old industry – changing how the game is played, and how results are delivered.

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What we do

Over 500 projects with the most successful private equity firms in North America

We help Private Equity clients – especially in the lower middle market – gather data, answer questions and make decisions that are critical to the investment process and the growth of their portfolio companies.

As such, we have completed more than 500 due diligence assignments, in a wide variety of niche industries, with speed and precision – while providing an unparalleled value proposition.

Our clients include the most successful private equity firms in North America.

Together, we consistently deliver results that generate repeat engagements and form the basis of longstanding relationships.

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Lucas Group – Tailored Teams

Select teams, customized to the needs of each specific assignment,
leveraging expertise and unmatched analytic power…
…Delivering results with energy, enthusiasm and excellence

Projects Led by Senior Partners

‘Hands on’ leadership of all projects is driven by senior Lucas Group partners

Deploying Engagement Managers

Trusted professionals with years of experience leading assignments at top tier firms such as Bain, McKinsey and BCG

Supported by Analytic Teams

Specifically assigned from our more than 200 consultants, top graduates of such elite schools as Yale, Dartmouth, Princeton, and Harvard Business School, among others

Leveraged by Experts

Providing perspective and insight through our proprietary network of approximately 12,000 experts, ‘rigorously qualified’ and ‘at the ready’

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