Taking On Industry Titans

This week we sit down with David Friend, a serial entrepreneur. He has successfully built six companies and currently runs his most recent venture, Wasabi, as Co-Founder and CEO. His plan: take on Amazon and Google and turn cloud storage into a utility. He currently is able to offer storage at 20% of the price of the big guys.

When asked about how to build a brand with your audience when your product is unknown and your competition fierce, David responds with one word: “Marketing.”

A firm believer in the power of a compelling message, David says that marketing was his focus from the very beginning with Wasabi, starting with the name. The company does “hot” cloud storage, and David was willing to go the extra mile to get the punny name Wasabi branded.

Now that Wasabi is up and running, he and the team spend a great deal of time and effort on clever storytelling that positions Wasabi as the alternative to Amazon S3, the major player in the cloud storage market.

David’s team spends a lot of dollars on paid advertising. They’ve created a series of funny music videos featuring Nate, the IT guy, Wasabi’s unofficial mascot. This is all in the name of establishing themselves as the hip disruptor on the hot storage scene, and it’s worked.

Learn more about David’s winning growth strategies in this week’s CEO Campfire Chat: